*Dine-in/Take-Out Western/ Local Food.

*Catering for office functions, private parties or events, birthdays, gatherings, festivities, celebrations, etc.

*Gift baskets or hampers for festivities or celebrations.


You can pick from our ala-carte menu for western dishes or go for local :

curry, black pepper/red chilies, stir fried with dried chilies, teriyaki, stir fried with ginger, stew, beef salad, goreng kunyit, kurma, masak merah, rendang, lemak cili api dengan belimbing besi, etc

stir fried with dried chilies/cashew nut, teriyaki, stir fried with basil, black pepper, stir fried with mushrooms, szechuan style, buffalo chicken wings, stewed with mushrooms, stir fried chili chicken, sweet & sour, curry, padprik, goreng madu, rendang, masak lemak cili api, masak merah, kurma, kuzi, goreng berempah, goreng biasa, sambal, goreng bercili hijau/merah

sweet & sour, curry, grilled, thai style, sambal, taucu, kicap, masak lemak, asam pedas, sumbat

Prawns & Cuttlefish: 
tom yam soup, goreng tepung, sweet & sour, goreng kunyit, etc

stir fried with chicken or fish or prawns, fried mixed vegetables, siew pak choy with oyster sauce, kangkung belacan, pucuk ubi/pucuk paku masak lemak cili api, kacang botol goreng cili, ulaman & sambal belacan, kacang panjang goreng belacan, labu masak lemak, kacang buncis goreng, salad timun, pajeri nenas, sambal terung, kari kacang panjang + undang, masak lemak taugeh + tauhu, petola goreng + fuuchok + suhoon

Mixed fruits, fruit jelly, mango pudding, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheese cake, butter cake, marble cake, etc.

We also have sate, fried meehoon, fried mee, and other mouthwatering dishes for you to enjoy! 

We can also arrange to decorate, putting up canopies, tables, chairs, and whatever necessary to make your event a success!!